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Black Creek Hill Farms

"Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway."

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Rules & Guidelines

ASSISTED’- refers to a rider of any age being assisted by handler/helper

 ‘PEE WEE’- refers to a rider 10  years of age or younger

 ‘YOUTH’ refers to a rider 11 – 17 years of age

‘ADULT’ refers to a rider over the age of 18

‘NOVICE’ refers to the RIDER & HORSE not having won any accumulated awards in Western Pleasure or  Gaming events, such as High Point, Year End, High Honor,  or Champion

‘OPEN’ refers to any age and degree of skill

1. Electronic timer or stopwatches will be used to time each contestant’s run.  In the event of a “tie”, teams will “run off” for placement.

2. Anyone under the age of 12 must wear a helmet in or out of show ring while mounted.

3. Any riding discipline may use their tack, i.e. English saddle/bridle, Australian, etc

4. No riders may be secured, tied or strapped in any fashion to saddle or horse.

5. Each Rider/Horse team can ride only once in a class.  No double entering.

6. Contestants must be members of Black Creek Hill Farms Riding Club to qualify for Year-End Awards. Membership applications are located on line and at the show.  $30.00 a year per horse/rider/division.  $10.00 each for same rider additional team (Horse or division)

7. Points start to accumulate towards Year-End Awards when Rider pays for membership. Points from shows prior to membership DO NOT APPLY.

8. Rider/Horse team may cross enter divisions. I.e. Novice & Adult , as long as they qualify for that division.

9. A Rider/Horse team may qualify for Year-End Awards in different divisions.

10. If a Riders horse has become sick or injured, and cannot participate in the shows (as per vet letter) and pulled for the remainder of the year, points will remain intact and continue on replacement horse within the same division.  If replacement horse does not qualify for that division (i.e. Novice Horse) team starts with –0- points in new division.  Only one injury change permitted per Rider/Horse team, per year.

11. If a Riders horse is sold, the Rider/Horse team’s points are noted.  Rider’s new horse will start with –0- points as a new Rider/Horse team, regardless of number of shows remaining in the current year.  Original Rider/Horse team can still qualify for Year-End Awards even if horse is no longer owned by Rider.

12. When a rider reaches Year-End Award ‘Champion’ in a Novice division, the rider may not ride in Novice division the following year.

13. All rules listed in program apply to BCHF Fun Show Series contestants and spectators as well.

14. Each knocked over barrel/pole/dropped potato results in a 5 second penalty added to finished time.

15. Broken patterns result in a no time.

16. Pleasure gaited classes are non-canter classes, flat walk & running walk only.

17.  Western and English Pleasure classes include walk/jog/lope or walk/trot/canter.

18. Trail class obstacles are subject to change at show host’s discretion.   

19. Time limit on Trail Class obstacles is limited to 90 seconds before rider must move  onto next obstacle.

20.  Assisted riders will not be placed but will be given a rainbow ribbon